Alabama Jacks Card Sound/Key Largo- The Gateway To The Florida Keys

Welcome to Alabama Jacks

When you are coming down US 1 to the florida keys you can either go straight through or take the side track to card sound road, and it will take you right by Alabama Jacks…one of the best bars/restaurants and experiences in the Florida keys.

Alabama Jacks says its in down town card sound, which Alabama Jacks seems to be the only thing there, beside some quick set up crab and fishing businesses along the side, in my mind, its a much better option driving this way than straight down US 1.  You kind of get that outback florida feel.  From Key Largo itself, Alabama Jacks is only about a 15 minute drive and the road is a treat especially when you are tired of the 45 mph congested A1A that takes you from key largo to key west.

To call Alabama Jacks eclectic is an understatement.  People watching is a 10 on a busy day with the richy folks from the Ocean Reef Club (residences such as the Bush family (former presidents), Kathy Lee Gifford, Koby Bryant and others) to the down and dirty Harley Crowd, to every day locals and tourists alike, everyone gets along here.

Alabama Jacks sits on an old barge, has boat tie up space, is on the water, and enjoys what seems to be a consistent breeze from the mangos in Florida Bay.

Our favorite is sitting at the bar, the bartenders are all great, and will often act as your drinking coach, helping you build those drinking muscles.  And the food is very Florida Keys good.  They are known for their conch fritters which come bigger than most and are excellent.  We have also enjoyed a conch salad which is like a cerviche with chips and their chowder is excellent as well.  Wings certainly have their place, and if you are lucky, Robby, and old timer fixture will show you how to feed your wing carcasses to the fish.

It seems that Saturdays and Sundays are the time to be here for the most activity with folks driving from the North and the South, a honky tonk band, lady’s in dress kicking it up on the dance floor and folks of all sizes, shapes, ages and colors dancing as well.  There are many who do this EVERY Sunday and Saturday and you will notice them, I think its the key to staying so young and active.

Alabama Jacks is a place to always go back to…


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