Senior PGA Tour Comes To Benton Harbor…And Its A Great Place To Eat, Drink and Have Fun

Benton Harbor Michigan, sitting on Lake Michigan in the SW part of the state has been going through a renaissance.  A city which fell on hard times decades ago as manufacturing left town decades ago and it became a sort of industrial waste land has been going through a transformation over the past 10 years, beginning with an active arts district and now followed by a Jack Nicholaus Golf Course, the Senior PGA coming to town this week as an inaugural kick off, and an announcement $120 million hotel and marina project.  This is very exciting for the area, with accompanied great food, drink and music, in fact, the arts district is always like this, regardless of PGA tour or not.

Where many people were expecting challenges in parking and getting around, it has been easy and seamless, so if you are in the area, don’t hesitate on going on down.

Last night we enjoyed some cooking out at the Livery Brewery, some tasty brats and an excellent avocado burger.  The beer was great as always.  Next door is a bier garden, serving up some great micro’s from all around, our favorite Lagunita’s from California.  The Ideal place, one of our favorite dining establishments is also cooking out side under a tent, as well as serving diners in their restaurant.  On top of that more cafe’s and arts studios, all should be experienced for some fun, food, drink, and golf.


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