Silver Beach Pizza St Joseph Michigan…Is It Worth It This Time Of Year?

First off, major kudos to the folks who took over the space at the St Joseph Mi train station and created Silver Beach Pizza, it has been a phenomenal success.  They are busy all year round, serve decent pizza, have a wide selection of beer, and pretty good of wine, decent wings and other food…in a town that can suffer the tourist blues certain times of year.  They do provide a fun atmosphere and are within walking distance of silver beach.

They have gotten so busy, they bought out the rest of the train station and are now offering pizza by the slice to help shoulder some of the crowds coming into eat, take some weight off, even after they have to continued to expand and  now have no more room to do so, unless they want to challenge parking.

We went by yesterday afternoon, in hopes that it would be quiet, tourists on their way home after the long memorial day weekend and even locals staying in, getting ready for work and school.  Boy were we wrong.

It was packed, we went to the inside/outside bar, and along with a few other adults, found ourselves standing since some guy was sitting at the bar with his kids, the kids taking 4 bar stools.  This is something I have seen there before, and it seems it depends who is working.  Our bartender was left with the situation, even though their policy is no kids at the bar.

Soon enough they departed and the restaurant was able to make some money from their bar stools.

Other than that, besides the overly drunk kid next to us (@24), we enjoyed some wings and pizza and headed home to enjoy the rest of the beautiful evening.

As the summer gets closer, will they handle the crowds? Time will tell, if too heavy, my guess is us locals will have to wait till after labor day, or go during the week if we are looking for some resemblance of normalcy.

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