Mollhagens – St Joseph Michigan

All I can say is that this place is perfect for John Taffers Bar Rescue, and its only been open a few months. It has so much potential. In the former spot of Barneys, then the St Joe Boat House, to this day it seems Barney had the formula which no one can emulate- and it should not be that difficult.

Its on the water, the only bar / restaurant in the area that is on the water. It used to have a great beachy, Margaritaville vibe,  and I wonder if the current owners goals of changing the image will work? It lost the essence and culture of why we went there before. Even on sunny afternoons, no music on the deck, no bands playing, and if you can hear the music inside, it is often a dance or indie sound, seldom do you hear the Marley or Buffet, or even Zach Brown that goes so well in this environment.

Food is marginal at best. Menu looks great, although quite under-flavored. I was yearning for a good jerk chicken here in the mid-west and still cannot find it.

It seems it is targeted to guy’s only. No wine, and the beers they have, a small selection. Cardinal rule, keep the girls happy, guys will show up and spend money. Instead they promote fights on TV???

We can only hope they will “get it” before its too late…I understand what ownership wants, just dont think its the location or what the crowds are looking for in such as “water dominated” vibe.

Back to the food, the fish tacos are decent, needed hot sauce, burger was good, wings really bad.

Really hope they turn it around, want to be continued patrons- oh, and the three stars was because of being on the water.

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