South West Michigan Farm to Table Event

We did not come to SW Michigan for the farm to table scene, winery’s, breweries, and restaurants, although its part of the reason we stay.  This time of year this area comes alive, and even though Chicago is just right around the lake, there is no better place in the warm sunny summer weather, especially […]

Benton Harbor Arts District And The Ideal Post Senior PGA

As we wrote last week the senior PGA tour came to Benton Harbor.  The arts district, the biggest renovated area of benton harbor flanks the golf course, and is full of art studios, restaurants and cafe’s.  There was great expectation of what this would do for Benton Harbor and the arts district, would it put […]

Anthony Bourdaine Inks Deal With CNN

His career keeps getting brighter, after we reported that Anthony Bourdaines 1995 novel is being prepared for the big screen, he is taken his personality, writing and love for travel to CNN on Sunday nights in 2013.  Might this be the thing that saves CNN’s continued loss of viewership? oodies rejoice — Anthony Bourdain is […]

Divine 6’th Anniversary Open House At Round Barn Winery

Round Barn Winery is celebrating it’s 6’th annual of Divine…Divine is their Vodka made from grapes, and people say it really is good stuff.  Round Barn Winery itself is a great place to find yourself on any weekend this time of year.  Every Saturday and Sunday through the fall and harvest season, Round Barn offers […]

Senior PGA Tour Comes To Benton Harbor…And Its A Great Place To Eat, Drink and Have Fun

Benton Harbor Michigan, sitting on Lake Michigan in the SW part of the state has been going through a renaissance.  A city which fell on hard times decades ago as manufacturing left town decades ago and it became a sort of industrial waste land has been going through a transformation over the past 10 years, […]

ON20 To Close Its Doors…Citing “Sacramento Needs To Grow Up”

As we reported last month, fine dining restaurant, ON20 in Sacramento was turning more elevated comfortable food and atmosphere, to follow an emerging trend of people looking for good, fun and comfortable, away from fine dining and cutting edge molecular gastronomy.  And where we do not think this trend is as much as a symptom […]

Anthony Bourdain’s Novel To Be Made Into A Movie

Anthony Bourdain has done what many have not…turned eating and dining into a cult-ure driven by adventure, personality, and growing an empire with many different legs.  If you watch Bourdaine’s television shows he tends to have a literary background of knowledge…and it seems he has taken this to the world of novels.   His 1995 novel, […]

Foodie Movie ‘Foodie’ Satirizes Foodie Obsession

You knew it was only going to be a matter of time, and you knew it would be through the deep love of elevated cooking and eating that a group of foodies themselves would create a movie satire called “foodie” In “Foodie,” a short film written by Eryk Pruitt and directed by Christopher G. Moore, […]

Parts Of Milwaukee Bans Food Trucks

What does Milwaukee have against food trucks?  It seems where many parts of this country have a food truck fight, usually breaking down to litigation’s, rules and regulations…it looks like Milwaukee will have none of that and is beginning to actually ban food trucks in parts of the city. A handful of food trucks have […]

Philly Foodie Apps

Philadelphia now has two new great apps to help feed the foodie in you.  Whether you feel like drinking or eating, your smart phone can guide you their with Roaming Hunger and Find Craft Beer…Philly Style. Roaming Hunger The cornerstone brand of the street-food movement since 2009, Roaming Hunger serves as the official food truck […]