Alabama Jacks Card Sound/Key Largo- The Gateway To The Florida Keys

When you are coming down US 1 to the florida keys you can either go straight through or take the side track to card sound road, and it will take you right by Alabama Jacks…one of the best bars/restaurants and experiences in the Florida keys. Alabama Jacks says its in down town card sound, which […]

Farm To Table Coming To The Friendly Sky’s

The farm to table movement is a strong one, bringing farm fresh foods to your favorite restaurant as well as home dinner table, but now you can get farm fresh to table on a plane. Etihad Airways announced an exclusive partnership with Abu Dhabi Organics Farms, the first internationally certified organic farming initiative in the […]

New Orleans Restaurant Root Gets Kudos For Doing Daring Darn Good

Somtimes when you are ‘eating outside the box’ trying new creations or stepping into the world of molecular gastronomy, it might seem cool, it might be a great presentation or even an ‘experience’, but sometimes the food does not live up to the expectations. If you are traveling down to NOLA, Root is a restaurant […]

The Caribbean Club Key Largo, A Must For That ‘Old Skool’ Key Largo Experience

As any tourist town experiences, they look and the feel of the town can change due to the influx of tourists.  Many people call this ‘boom town syndrome’ many buck the trend, and many look the other way, keep doing what they always have been doing.  There are a few places around Key’s that do […]

The Pilot House Restaraunt Key Largo

The Pilot House restaurant and tiki bar is one of the more well known places to dine and drink by locals and tourists a like in Key Largo, and for good reason, the food is good, great selection of drinks and its an entertaining place.  The pilot house is surrounded by a Marina Ocean Side […]

Lorelei’s Tiki Bar Islamorada Florida Keys

When traveling down the keys, one of the must stops on the bayside is Lorelei’s tiki bar.  And its easy to find, around mile marker 82, all you have to do is look for the big mermaid waving you in. We first heard of Lorelei’s a few years ago by a fellow bar stool sailor, […]

Renowned Innovative Chef Jose’ Andres Is Going Food Trucking

It was only a matter of time, although now if you can’t get your reservation to one of Jose Andres Washington dining hot spots such as the mini bar…his food might just come to you.  Jose Andres has a new toy, a food truck name Pepe and it can probably be more considered his experimental […]

Florida’s Premier Food Forager Strenghtens The Farm To Table Movement

As we are on our South Florida Baroodie tour, we came across a great article on South Florida’s premier food forager.  Someone who is ensuring quality, sustainable local foods to adorn the kitchens and tables of some of South Floridas best restaurants, keeping the farm to table movement alive and well. On a bright, early […]

Shipwrecks Key Largo Florida…The Perfect Out Of The Way Comfort Zone

Some might call this a dive bar, but it’s a comfort zone for many locals as well as wayward travelers.  We first stumbled upon shipwrecks on our journey’s to key largo, and honestly would not have thought to eat there if it was not for the friends we met at Alabama Jacks telling us how […]

Top Chefs Looking For More Realistic Dining

If you have been watching any of the Top Chef series, from any country, you might find that there is a slant for over the top dining…molecular gastronomy and the like where the creation of food seems more like a science experiment than a gastronomic experience. Two of the Top Chef contestants from Canada are […]