Captain Lou’s…South Haven Michigan

Well done…Captain Lous in South Haven Michigan does it right, utilizes the environment, the location, and seeks to give diners the experience they are looking for. Visiting in the summer is a must, a beautiful day will make your visit all that better. Connecting a few dine in buildings with decks that are on the […]

Mollhagens – St Joseph Michigan

All I can say is that this place is perfect for John Taffers Bar Rescue, and its only been open a few months. It has so much potential. In the former spot of Barneys, then the St Joe Boat House, to this day it seems Barney had the formula which no one can emulate- and […]

The Bread Bar In Benton Harbor Michigan- Restaurant Review

We really want to LOVE this place, but… Excited to see what they have done in an old insurance building (I think?), great ambiance, trendy and casual, although when busy very noisy, although have been told they are working on it… Service has been great, Nicole has been our bartender as well as Billy, and […]

Silver Beach Pizza St Joseph Michigan…Is It Worth It This Time Of Year?

First off, major kudos to the folks who took over the space at the St Joseph Mi train station and created Silver Beach Pizza, it has been a phenomenal success.  They are busy all year round, serve decent pizza, have a wide selection of beer, and pretty good of wine, decent wings and other food…in […]

Soe Cafe Sawyer Michigan Ramps Up For Summer

If you have been to Soe Cafe in Sawyer, than you understand the draw.  In the off season they seem to quiet down like much of the seasonally driven lake shore area, and like the rest its time to amp up and prepare for a busy summer season.  We have always been fortunate, where we […]

Burger Bars The New Dilution of Gastropubs

Think about it, it only makes sense.  Gastropubs are elevated dining in a fun and relaxing atmosphere.  Gastropubs are all the craze and proving to be a business model which dinners are coming to in droves.  But what if you are not an acclaimed chef of the experimental culinary arts, or what if you want […]

ReyBelles Saint Joseph Michigan

St Joseph Michigan, a picturesque down on the bluff on lake Michigan.  The down town seems like Main Street USA right out of Disney World, and one thing that has been similar to Disney World- lack of food choices. Don’t get me wrong, St Joseph has some options, but we generally find ourselves eating in […]

Wylie Dufresne At WD-50 Continues To Innovate- Completely Throws Out His Menu

Innovators take chances, innovators go against the norm, innovators who take chances and go against the norm are the ones who make big things happen.  That is exactly what Wylie Dufresne of WD-50 has always done and continues to do, in a bigger way. WYLIE DUFRESNE slid into a booth the other day at WD-50, […]

Alabama Jacks Card Sound/Key Largo- The Gateway To The Florida Keys

When you are coming down US 1 to the florida keys you can either go straight through or take the side track to card sound road, and it will take you right by Alabama Jacks…one of the best bars/restaurants and experiences in the Florida keys. Alabama Jacks says its in down town card sound, which […]

New Orleans Restaurant Root Gets Kudos For Doing Daring Darn Good

Somtimes when you are ‘eating outside the box’ trying new creations or stepping into the world of molecular gastronomy, it might seem cool, it might be a great presentation or even an ‘experience’, but sometimes the food does not live up to the expectations. If you are traveling down to NOLA, Root is a restaurant […]