Mega Food Truck- Equipt With Its Own Wood Fire Pizza Oven

The evolution of food trucks has gone from the ice cream truck with happy music to fine food on creatively painted trucks, popping up all over the country giving diners a much better option of fast food, and causing some restaurants strife and aggravation.  Looks like we are seeing yet one more revolution, and this […]

ON20 To Close Its Doors…Citing “Sacramento Needs To Grow Up”

As we reported last month, fine dining restaurant, ON20 in Sacramento was turning more elevated comfortable food and atmosphere, to follow an emerging trend of people looking for good, fun and comfortable, away from fine dining and cutting edge molecular gastronomy.  And where we do not think this trend is as much as a symptom […]

New Oregon Restaurant Paulee, Gives New Meaning To Farm To Table

As the farm to table revolution grows, more an more people get to eat fresh foods, often picked only a day or two before.  One restaurant in Oregon is making sure the freshness is at the  top of the list, as they have a farm on their restaurant premises. Some Oregon restaurants only serve produce […]

Anthony Bourdain’s Novel To Be Made Into A Movie

Anthony Bourdain has done what many have not…turned eating and dining into a cult-ure driven by adventure, personality, and growing an empire with many different legs.  If you watch Bourdaine’s television shows he tends to have a literary background of knowledge…and it seems he has taken this to the world of novels.   His 1995 novel, […]

Foodie Movie ‘Foodie’ Satirizes Foodie Obsession

You knew it was only going to be a matter of time, and you knew it would be through the deep love of elevated cooking and eating that a group of foodies themselves would create a movie satire called “foodie” In “Foodie,” a short film written by Eryk Pruitt and directed by Christopher G. Moore, […]

Parts Of Milwaukee Bans Food Trucks

What does Milwaukee have against food trucks?  It seems where many parts of this country have a food truck fight, usually breaking down to litigation’s, rules and regulations…it looks like Milwaukee will have none of that and is beginning to actually ban food trucks in parts of the city. A handful of food trucks have […]

Philly Foodie Apps

Philadelphia now has two new great apps to help feed the foodie in you.  Whether you feel like drinking or eating, your smart phone can guide you their with Roaming Hunger and Find Craft Beer…Philly Style. Roaming Hunger The cornerstone brand of the street-food movement since 2009, Roaming Hunger serves as the official food truck […]

Burger Bars The New Dilution of Gastropubs

Think about it, it only makes sense.  Gastropubs are elevated dining in a fun and relaxing atmosphere.  Gastropubs are all the craze and proving to be a business model which dinners are coming to in droves.  But what if you are not an acclaimed chef of the experimental culinary arts, or what if you want […]

Haven Gastropub Hosting Foie Gras Dinner

If you have been keeping up with what is happening in California, a bunch of people are seeing legislation to ban foie gras because they believe it is acquired via inhumane ways.  Anthony Bourdaine has proven this wrong on his show No Reservations, and chefs all throughout california as well as foodies, are speaking out.  […]

Know Your Restaurant Well: Meat and Restaurant Industry Says Meat Glue Is Safe For Consumption

This one is right out of Anthony Bourdains Kitchen Confidential.  This gives reason to get to know your favorite dining institutions well, very well.  To be able to find out who their suppliers are, especially their meats as you will see here. The American Meat Institute called a conference last week to discuss the issue […]